App Engine at Google IO 2011

Written by Thomas Schranz, CEO and Product at Blossom
Google AppEngine

Here is a collection of the App Engine talks from Google IO 2011 along with some links and notes.

Scaling App Engine Applications

A talk about all things scaling. Explanations for when new instances are spawned, several caching strategies, hot tablets, memcache, the upcoming rewrite of the datastore API, and much more.

Fireside Chat with the App Engine Team

Full Text Search

Google Wave engineers brought full text search to App Engine.

More 9s Please: Under The Covers of the High Replication Datastore

A great introduction to the High Replication Datastore, why you should use it and why it became the default in the 1.5.0 release.

  • Alfred Fuller
  • Matt Wilder

Life in App Engine Production

Funny talk about the life of a site reliability engineer (SRE) at Google, App Engine and the new monitoring API.

App Engine Map Reduce

  • Mike Aizatskyi

An introduction to the MapReduce library for App Engine.

Large-scale Data Analysis Using the App Engine Pipeline API

  • Bret Slatkin

An in-depth talk about pipelines and the MapReduce library for App Engine.

Coding For The Cloud: How We Write Enterprise Apps for Google on App Engine

  • Ben Fried
  • Justin McWilliams
  • Eric Schoeffler
  • Justin Fagnani

Some lessons learned, examples and patterns for building scalable apps on App Engine.

Putting Task Queues to Work

  • Vivek Sahasranaman
  • Nicholas Verne

Pull queues are a new companion to the existing push queues.

Building Enterprise Applications on App Engine

App Engine gets serious and is soon going to leave beta status. This means that along with SLAs, SSL/TLS support and a change in pricing comes 3 year deprecation support. This talk provides some background on where the platform is going.

Writing Web Apps in Go

App Engine gained a new language runtime. Go.

App Engine Backends

Backends have no request deadlines and are a way to ease data crunching on App Engine.