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With most Project Management Tools People first start configuring. With Blossom they get going, focus on their real Work and ship from Day One.
Blossom keeps it simple and lets us focus on the work. Great integration with Hipchat as well!
It just shows what’s going on at Doodle at first glance.
Blossom is the most direct, and easy-to-use Project Management Board out there. Gives you Focus and clear Visibility on Progress and Roadblocks almost instantly. I use it in Business, personally and as a Lean Teaching Tool. Get more productive in 10 Minutes without the learning Curve or Setup Hassles.
Project Management is a critical Part of growing a Lean Startup, Blossom looks
like a promising Product.
Blossom helps us to keep our Daily Stand-up Meetings short and to the Point.
I also love the seamless GitHub & Hipchat Integration. Well done.
Solid UX, clean, Blossom is marinated
in high octane Potential.